Broker Spotlight: Colby Mitchell

At APG Advisors, our team is made up of passionate and hardworking brokers. With our Broker Spotlight, we’d love to introduce you to the professionals that make up our team.

Today’s spotlight is on Colby Mitchell, Commercial Investment and Land team.  Read on to find out more about how Colby can help you.

How did you get into commercial real estate?
After observing a fellow commercial real estate broker skillfully navigate the process of assisting a doctor in acquiring land for the development of a medical office, including the strategic leasing of remaining spaces to cover building costs, I was captivated by the tremendous potential of the industry. Witnessing the success of this transaction and recognizing the  combined benefits of financial gain and community impact, I felt a deep inspiration to pursue a career in commercial real estate. I understood that this profession offered a unique opportunity to facilitate lucrative deals while simultaneously playing a significant role in shaping the local business landscape, fostering growth, and meeting the diverse needs of various industries.

Where do you see the market going right now?
Recognizing the current landscape, I believe that high interest rates indeed present a favorable environment for buyers. While it may seem counterintuitive, these conditions can result in advantageous purchasing opportunities, allowing savvy investors to capitalize on undervalued properties and negotiate favorable terms. Additionally, the market’s trajectory suggests that as interest rates stabilize and potentially decrease in the future, property values may experience a
corresponding rise, making this an opportune moment to enter the market and position oneself for long-term success.

What’s your favorite type of deal?
Helping an owner that intends to lease, purchase or to develop a space. This type of deal holds a special place in my heart as it combines the satisfaction of assisting property owners in maximizing their investment potential while also contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the local business community. The process of strategizing with owners, understanding their goals, and finding innovative solutions to optimize their properties is both intellectually stimulating and deeply rewarding. Witnessing the transformation of a space into a thriving hub of commercial activity, with a diverse range of businesses flourishing within it, is a true testament to the power of successful deal-making in commercial real estate.

What about commercial real estate interested you in the first place?
Financial freedom and the ability to leave a lasting legacy. I find this very appealing, as commercial real estate offers a unique avenue to build wealth and create a lasting impact on both personal and professional levels. The potential for substantial financial returns and the opportunity to generate passive income streams through properties are attractive aspects of the industry. As well as the ability to shape the physical landscape of a city, revitalizing neighborhoods, and providing spaces for businesses to thrive brings a sense of fulfillment and the satisfaction of leaving a lasting imprint on the community for generations to come.

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