At APG Companies philanthropy and purpose-driven community involvement are the highest of priorities.   APG supports:

  • Children at risk; those experiencing food insecurity and those in need of essential clothing, school supplies, tutoring and/or mentoring;
  • Women in crisis and in immediate need of safe shelter, as well as those in need of counseling, job training and job placement assistance;
  • Families and individuals facing the multiple challenges of homelessness or disaster, and in need of essential services, medical care and furnishings;
  • U.S. active military personnel and veterans;
  • Expanding housing that people can afford.

APG continuously strives to help people become leaders and productive members of society. We give our community partners a platform to present their story: their needs, mission and goals, and we celebrate their progress toward those goals.

We take our commission of corporate citizenship seriously, and work and serve to add value to our communities in a variety of ways.

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