APG Ventures

APG invests in companies that transform communities with tangible human benefits.

APG Ventures

Investing In Our Community

APG invests in companies that transform communities with tangible human benefits.

Coram Houses

A community organization committed to breaking cycles of racial & economic injustice through creative & equitable affordable housing based in Durham, North Carolina.
We build backyard tiny homes, providing affordable housing, and together with homeowners, tenants, and partners create a better community.


EcoTerra is an innovative, sustainable, and scalable housing brand developed to address some of the challenges faces by so many, particularly those in need of transitional housing. We are enhancing each project as we learn more about how to be a supportive community that will empower residents on their journey to stability and independence.

Liberty Atlantic Group

“More than Buildings. In everything we do, our goal is to make the world more productive. With every community we develop, we aim to create more than a place to live, we aim to create a place to grow..

Nomad Nation

The nomad node is an elegant, smart, sophisticated tiny living unit designed for the future of remote work. Nomad Nation is creating a decentralized network of nomad and nodes allowing members to live anywhere, design a life of freedom and prosperity, and build a better community.

Our Promise Care Homes

Our Promise Care Homes is a unique alternative for senior loved ones, providing a more intimate homelike setting as compared to the typical larger senior care facility. Each home is licensed for up to 6 Residents and offers custom-tailored care plans to meet each individual’s needs.

Atlantic Global Supply

We formed Atlantic Global because we believe that the full medical and therapeutic potential of cannabinoids can – and should – be harnessed for society’s benefit. Our location in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area affords us access to some of the greatest research opportunities in the world.

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