Jonah Niesenbaum

Jonah is a student at Duke University where he is a Division I heavyweight wrestler. The Pennsylvania native spent his summer in Raleigh-Durham to train for wrestling and to work at APG and learn about CRE.

At Duke, he is studying political economy as well as markets and management.  He will receive his bachelor’s degree in May, 2023. Jonah is excited about the prospect of pursuing a career in real estate after graduation and is specifically interested in CRE investment strategies, brokerage, and development projects.

Jonah worked under a variety of professionals at APG and gained significant knowledge in multiple CRE sectors:

I spent my first two weeks of the summer working with David Divine, SIOR. I remember walking in on my first day and David immediately included me on the projects he was working on. There was so much information. It was like drinking from a fire hose. Before I knew it, I had learned a whole new language of real estate jargon, and I was looking at the physical world around me from a new CRE perspective.

The influx of knowledge remained strong throughout my internship as I worked with many others at APG. I got to help show properties with Lee Holder, and I visited development sites with Ryan Blankenship. Additionally, I was involved in development project meetings with Wayne Hightower and Jason Clough. What’s more, I learned valuable sales and communication skills from John Zemet, COO, and worked on interesting research projects with MJ Parker, where I learned to navigate different CRE research software.

Overall, I felt incredibly welcomed at APG. I had the opportunity to connect with a diverse and talented group of CRE professionals, some of which I now have the pleasure of calling my friends.

From getting Bojangles with CEO, Jim Anthony to engaging in deep lunch conversations with the land expert Jim Flink, and attending the occasional APG men’s group, this place has certainly left a strong impression on me. I am grateful, to say the least.

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