APG Capital Announces Acquisition of Industrial Manufacturing Site

APG Capital’s Impresa Greenwood, LLC is celebrating a major acquisition of 243,000 square feet of industrial manufacturing space located in Greenwood, South Carolina. The building will soon be home to Impresa Modular to serve as their mid-Atlantic modular home production plant. The management team was pleased to secure a long-term lease with Impresa, protecting the value of the asset while filling a large gap in modular production shortages in South Carolina.

Daniel Walser said, “demand for industrial real estate has surged causing value add buyers to have to shift their business strategy. We acquired this building vacant at a significant discount to fair market value and successfully released the entire building to one tenant adding substantial equity to the syndicate.”

The team intends to hold the asset for several years for highly appreciated cash flow.

The transaction was brokered by Doug Faris and Shaun Kirchin of Binswanger Company. For more information on Impresa Modular click ImpresaModular.com. The acquisition was facilitated and sponsored by Jim Anthony, Daniel Walser and James Anthony III. For further information please contact Jim Anthony.

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